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How to do a Press Release that gets attention

I am going to talk to you today about doing a Press Release the right way and share some tips to make your business stand out. There are some great new tools out there to make reaching the media easy and more affordable than it was before. In addition, I am going to run through how to write and create a press release and some tips for doing that. So building good relationships with the media is important for getting your startup heard and receiving press coverage in publications, which can help the business grow so much.

I am going to do this in few easy steps just to clarify exactly what to do, and give you some tips on how to make it attractive for the journalist receiving it.

The first thing to think about is really your message. What makes your business different from all the other businesses? You really have to think about what you want the journalist to know, what the key message is. In addition, for this, you might want to write down your elevator pitch as this really summarizes the strengths of your business and what it is.

The first step when you are writing a press release is to make sure you have the logo of your startup at the top of the page, and then obviously “Press Release” written beneath that. The top of the press release is really the most important area.

Journalists are busy people. They will not have time to read the whole release. Moreover, they will probably only read the first paragraph and the title. Therefore, you have to make these good. With the title, keep it short. I think between three and five words are good. Then have the date that you are sending out the press release, and where your startup is located.

Right, so in this press release, you can see at the top of the press release you need to include the business name & logo, and then beneath that the words “Press Release”. Then, when you go into the title with something that is newsworthy for journalists (example: the launch date).

 Press Release that gets attention

So if you are writing a press release about the launch of your business, make sure that is highlighted in the title and the first paragraph. It is important to have the date you are sending out the press release and the location of your business.

 Press Release that gets attention

First paragraph

In the first paragraph of press release, just try to summarize exactly what your business is, how your business works or what is your message. In addition, make sure to include a link to your website so the journalist can easily just click on that and go and view your website. The most important information for the journalist is at the top. Then it gets somewhat more detailed as you go down.

Second paragraph

In the second paragraph of press release, you might want to include information about the team, about prices, about how your business or service works. Then you can go into more details down the press release. However, really try to include all the key information at the beginning and whom your business is ideal for.

Third paragraph

Then in the third paragraph of press release, it gets more detailed probably as it goes on. So what exactly do you offer? It should also include benefits to the target market. Then lastly, there is just a bit of information about how your business can help.

Final paragraph

In the final paragraph, talk about how your business can help in different ways with benefits not feature.

At the end of the press release, make sure you have the word “Ends” and then beneath that a “Notes to Editors” section. In this section, just include your contact information. Therefore, if a journalist wants more information, has questions, or wants images, they can contact you easy. In this section, you could also include a little summary of your business as well.


 Press Release that gets attention

After you have created your press release, then you can put together a list of the journalists that you want to send your press release. It is important to make your list of journalists very relevant for your press release. If your startup is food related, you do not want to be sending your press release to a sports journalist. It will annoy journalists if they get press releases that are not relevant to them.

There are some tools for finding journalists, such as JustReachOut. With JustReachOut, you can search for journalists that write about particular topic. You could also use Twitter, search for publications and find contacts.

Once you have your list, if you are sending out the press release by email, then I would recommend writing individual emails to the journalists with just a short email about the startup, about what you are sending, a snappy subject line about what your press release is about. Then attach the press release in PDF format to the email so they could easily open and print it off if they want to read it later.

There are many new tools out there that make contacting or reaching out to journalists a lot cheaper than hiring a PRconsultancy and spend a lot of money doing that.

“Want a Press Release to get customers? – Let me help you ”


Some new tools that I would recommend are GoPRit, which is a startup. You can send email pitches to select journalists about your startup. You can also send tweet to those journalists, which is great.  As mentioned earlier, JustReachOut helps you find journalists that write about a particular subject. This is great when you create your list of journalists to find who are relevant for your startup and your story. Another good one is pr.co, which can help you create and write a press release and send it out.

That is an overview of how I write a press release for businesses. I hope it is helpful for all of you.

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