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4 Quick Steps to Market Your Small Business Today

Step 1 Track everything

When it comes to marketing, your business online the first step you want to take is setting up your tracking. Tracking is highly important when you are doing any type of marketing because you want to know what is working. If you hire a marketing consultant or business, consultant and they don’t talk about tracking you probably need to go somewhere else for your business.

What tracking does is it allows you to see the return on your investment and that is going to be important if you are paying someone to do this for you.  It allows people to associate different analytics for various marketing campaign. Tracking is critical and there is typically two types of tracking you definitely want to do as it relates to your marketing.

You want to make sure that you are tracking the statistics on your website and your analytics.  So typically, this comes in the form of web analytic and you can see what pages visitors go on and what part the website they stay on. Secondly, you want to ensure you have some form of phone tracking because if someone is on your website and he or she just pick up a phone you want to be able to track that.

Now when it comes to web tracking some of the company I recommend are Clicky, Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics and of course, we all know about Google Analytics. All these web sites offer something different so it really depends on what your marketing goals are to decide which company you decide to go with.

When it comes to phone tracking there are various companies you can use but again you want to use your phone tracking to track postcards, pamphlet or anything with a unique number associated with that marketing campaign so you know what is effective. Some of the companies you can use for your phone tracking are Callrail, Twillo, Grasshopper and SendHub. Again, all of these companies do a variety of different things, you want to decide your marketing goals are and which company will work well with you.

Step 2 – Add and optimize your business on Google Places

The reason why this is important because we all know that Google is a very important resource as it relates to search.  In addition, if someone is searching for a particular topic or service they are typically going to go to Google. You want to make sure that you show up and better yet, show up in the organic search. There are some strategic things you can do to make sure that you show up there one of them is making sure you put a profile on Google Places. Google likes to reward people who use their services because Google Places is one of their services, so make sure that you use it in your marketing. There are four key things you need to know.

  1. Keywords: Choose keywords that would be associated or used when someone is searching for your type of business. So for example, it can also help you in marking if you want to differentiate yourself between other people in your industry. So let’s say you’re an attorney but you specialize in divorce so “divorce attorney” would be your keywords that you would like to use in Google Places. You want to strategically put those keywords in various parts of your descriptions. If someone is typing “attorney”, you may not show up but if they are searching for “divorce attorney” then you will show up. In addition to key words, you can also add pictures to your Google Places location. So if you have a restaurant you can take pictures of certain dishes, the ambiance inside your restaurant or videos to your Google Places profile. Also having a video helps customer to learn more about testimonies and creates trust factor.
  2. Google Reviews: One of the other things that is highly weighted with Google Places are reviews. So reviews are going to come from your customers experience so encourage them to write a Google Review.  What this does is it connects these positive reviews with your Google Places location and that helps increase you in search.

Step 3 – Youtube Channel

Now the third step in marketing your business online is that you want to create a YouTube channel and create videos with your keywords and local location inside the title. It is important to remember that Google owns YouTube so when it comes to search optimization YouTube is the best place to come and get more information.  People are Goggling certain keywords and you have a video with that keyword of your business will show up and that is critical. Before you get stressed out about creating a video let me talk to you about some of the different videos you can you do that can set you at ease a little bit.

  1. Talking head – A “Talking Head” video is one where the main action involves someone talking either right into the camera or interview style, just to the side of the camera. If you do not want to show your face on camera there are other options.
  2. Video tutorials – With this category you do not actually see my face just solely rely on screen shots. You can also do a Power Point presentation.
  3. Success stories – This implies to customer testimonials for your business that you can put in video format. Let’s say you are a personal trainer and you have an amazing client, lost a ton of weight working on your program it would be great idea to create a video showing before and after shots. In addition, telling their story and add that to YouTube to display your location or your products or services. When you do these YouTube videos, it is important that in the title you put the key words that are associated with your business. Ensure the description is filled out appropriately and talk a little about your business. But more importantly talk about how you will help your client. Nobody cares that you have existed for twenty thousand years or several thousand people have used your business. People care about people. They want to know how you can help them and be sure to include that in your videos.

Step 4 – Get a website

The last form of marketing your business online is that you make sure you have a website. Because when it comes to online, you want to drive people to a central location that you own.  Social media is ok but you do not own social media. You do not own Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Therefore, when you are using those various forms of social media marketing, the key is to bring them back to your website and capture the lead.

These were some of the basic steps you can do to grow your business online.  I hope these tips were helpful if you have, any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them for you.


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