Unless you have been living under under the rock for the last couple of years, you already know that Social Media is critical to your online success. Your presence is necessary, however simple my being a part of social media is not enough! The key is to have your website shared by hundreds, if not thousands of real people, among the most popular networks.

By paying attention to factors like natural distribution and drip feed delivery, we have established a powerful combination of social signals among the 4 important network.

We created the MOST powerful & reliable 7 Step Social Media Campaign :

1. Creation –

We start with creation of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest account from scratch and optimize them for maximum exposure.

It will stand out and attract serious attention. We create the covers and logos for groups we manage (if required).

2. Content –

All your newly created social pages will have exciting content! the contents will be in line with your business, meaning we will talk your language. In will be focus to drive traffic and increase your sales and online presence. On a daily basis, our experienced social media experts from Australia, New Zealand and Europe post original and interesting and high quality content relevant to your business. We work across all media (image, text, video, audio). There will never be any problem with copywrite issues! All our post get shares, likes and other interactions so they go viral.

3. Crank Up –

  • We have individual approach to each client so they gain popularity!
  • Better yet we not only just post useful content in your group but promote it.
  • Each post will be advertised in popular groups with hundred of thousands of views and find new targeted followers from sources related to your website.
  • You will get real followers interested in your product

4. Communication –

  • We shall be in touch with you at all time.
  • We discuss your business goal and adjust our social media campaign to be aligned with your goal.
  • We monitor your social world every hour.
  • We interact with your followers, respond to comments and inform you about the brand mentions that need your attention.
  • You always get detailed reports and your personal manager is always online

5. Customer –

  • We focus on building richer customer relationship and attract prospective customers to group we manage
  • We always boost not just the number of followers but also aim at discovering relevant followers across multiple networks
  • People who follow you will be truly interested and get involved in your company’s activities
  • Our clients receive only real, quality and useful social signals

6. Confident –

  • People more often buy form who they trust – We do this to increase your credibility
  • Our approach given you the ability to measure and manage marketing ROI
  • You social pages will always include all important events surrounding your company
  • We do all the job – while you get brand new customers

7. Consolidation –

  • We guarantee that the number of your followers and likes will increase
  • You will boost customer  awareness and increase traffic to your website
  • Our target – every new follower  stays with you forever and attract more interested followers o your group
  • Afterall you bypass your competition and improve your position in Google


Our Feature & Benefits

Social Media Package

Our Packages



Minimum 6 Months
  • Facebook
  • 3 Posting per day
  • Profile Setup, Design & Optimizaiton
  • Monthly Progress Report


Minimum 6 Months
  • Facebook | Twitter | GooglePlus
  • 6 Posting per day
  • Profile Setup, Design & Optimizaiton
  • Monthly Progress Report


Minimum 3 Months
  • Facebook | Twitter | GooglePlus | Instagram | Pinterest
  • 25 posting/day
  • Profile setup, Design & Optimization
  • Weekly report

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Social Media is a huge part of SEO

Take a look at the most popular websites online today, and you will see that they all have something in common. Social signals! Every day they are being shared, tweeted, pinned & +1’d.

Is this happening to your site? If not we can help you build a campaign around it.

Social signal are the key to every successful website.



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