How to become the disruptive power of everything

Probably every company around the world has an innovation strategy. They have numerous ideas; in fact they have more ideas than they know what to do with. The trouble is many do not have them written down or anything. In addition, that is one of the problems concisely right there.

Ideas often do not get articulated in anything other than “water-cooler” conversations. Therefore, they remain abstract, just discussed and half-baked in people’s heads. However, when you do hear about the ideas, or see them, another problem emerges. That is, more often than not, almost 100% of the times are incremental ideas. They are ideas are in line with current business model and it only support the current product and services of the organization.

You can understand why that happens. Everybody in the business is incentivized towards making that business work better. Therefore, the ideas that everybody is coming up with are the ones they are most comfortable with.

The ideas we are almost comfortable with, are the ones that we have encountered most often. The products, the services, the experiences, we have encountered before. In addition, it makes us feel, kind of happy and relaxed because we know the outcome.

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