Case Study: How local SEO helped a tyre repair startup make millions

Mobile tyre repair startup Road Runner has almost completed a $2 million raising at a $9 million post-money valuation, however co-founder John Shim wishes he’d realised how hard business really was during his 24 years advising SMEs at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“I used to wonder why my clients weren’t implementing what we’d agreed were all these great ideas,” says Shim, who with former Adshel managing director Steve McCarthy launched Road Runner Mobile Tyres in March 2013.

“Now I know. There’s new and unexpected challenges every day, you just can’t preplan for it all.”

For instance in April, Google’s algorithm tweak to favour ‘mobile friendly’ sites on mobile searches wrongfooted Road Runner, ultimately costing it $20,000 to build its third website in as many years. However with 60 per cent of its bookings now coming from mobile devices – many of them from motorists standing on the side of a road after suffering a puncture – Shim says that

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6 Most Effective Ways to Succeed as a Small Business

Today, we are going to be talking about some of the top ways to make a small business succeed and grow, as well as the advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of each method. Let’s get started. Here are a few ideas beyond the obvious product and service improvements that can push your company to the next level: outsourcing, property/equipment upgrades, increase in smart marketing and sales efforts, social media presence, location expansion, and franchising.


First let’s talk about outsourcing. These days, you can pretty much outsource almost anything that you need to do for your business. Outsourcing just means that a lot of the tasks that you need to do on a daily basis can be transferred to outside specialists that spend all of their time doing these types of tasks. For example, if you need to revamp your business logo to make it look more professional, you can outsource it. If you need a website or Facebook page created, you can outsource it. If you want help in making your marketing program the best it can possibly be, you can outsource it. If you want accounting, financial, or funding help, you should outsource it. If you need new eye-catching menus for your restaurant written, designed and created, you can also

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How to find your ideal customers to market your small business?

What is meant by an ideal customer?

Well, this is the person who not only wants to do business with you, but with whom you want to do business. Ultimately, defining your ideal customer helps your bottom line by focusing your marketing activities on reaching your most profitable customer group. In addition, it is as simple as identifying five to ten descriptive terms that paint a picture of this ideal, profitable customer.

First, to find ideal customers you will need to understand the demography of your customer. Demographics, is just determining if your ideal customer is male or female, and a specific income bracket or age group. Now, I know that there is always going to be exceptions to any rule, but again, the goal of this exercise is to improve your focus, so look for patterns and the usual suspects and ignore the exceptions.

The second thing to look at is location. Does your ideal customer live in a specific area or proximity to your business? For instance, if you sell an online course, then your ideal customer could be located anywhere, but if you are a dentist, then your ideal customer is probably within 10 miles of your business.

The third is interests. Do the ideal customers share certain hobbies or join the same clubs? If you are a home remodeling contractor, then your ideal customer probably would read home magazines, watch home shows, attend home and garden events, and ending home remodeling project.

Finally the last thing is life events. Is there a common life event, or a trigger, that causes the need for your service? The reality is, getting married drives a lot of businesses, business to florists and tax time drives business for tax consultants. For many of you, the terms that you select for this bucket will have the most impact on your focus.

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